Friday, April 2, 2010

Aloha Friday Recommendation

Lose it! App for iPhone & iPod Touch

Quiz time. What fits in your pocket, has a powerful database, and can help you loose the weight you’ve fought so hard to loose? It’s an app called “Lose it!”. Not only is it easy to use and effective, but it’s also free!

I’m half way though a weight loss fight for life, and I plateaued a while back and couldn’t get back to losing weight again. I tried a bunch of strategies to no avail. I even got so discouraged I back slid for a while. Then I was reminded of “food journaling”. You think you are watching how much you eat? Really? Write it all down (honestly) and you’ll be surprised. I could never get myself to keep a food journal…just not a way that worked for me, writing in a notebook. Then I stumbled upon this app. The price was right (free) so I gave it a try. You start by inputing some information like your age, weight, height, and target weight. It calculates your allowed calories based on your weight loss goal. My iPod Touch is my constant companion, and this allowed me to keep the daily notations of food & exercise. In fact, seeing how daily calories are calculated (and reduced by exercise) made me more mindful of getting in my workouts. I found myself getting to the gym and avoiding those extra snacks, all in the name of keeping the daily calorie counts on target. So after two weeks here’s my result…a 5.4 pound weight loss. Plateau no more! I’m on the right track now. I can not recommend this weight loss tool any more highly. Want help losing weight? Get this now.

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  1. I have been using this app since January and have lost 20 lbs so far! : ) it's great in that it really made me aware of just how many calories are in certain foods. And knowing i have to log it in, makes me more likely to exercise and not cheat on the diet...
    Congrats on the continued weight loss!