Friday, January 29, 2010

Aloha Friday Suggestion

This Friday and in the Friday's to come, I'm going to post my "Aloha Friday Suggestion", something that has popped up on my radar this week and think you may enjoy. So with no further a due...

My Aloha Friday Suggestion for this week is a song by the band Anitproduct. Based in LA but the darlings of the UK, featuring A. Product (Alex Kane from Life Sex & Death), Claire Product, and an eclectic rotating roster of players. Press me for a label to put on the music, and I'd go for "power-pop on acid". really is better than that sounds. Revved up power-pop with a twisted sense of humor. But the songs are very, very catchy. The song I'm suggesting is called "Parties All Over the World" from the cd "Please Take Your Cash" (available from the band at


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