Saturday, January 30, 2010

Working on Saturdays

I've been working most Saturdays for the past 23 years. It started out casually, I would go to the shop to "get some things done". While there if the phone rang or someone would knock on the door, I would help them best I could. After a while some customers came to depend on my being there on Saturdays. At one point I just declared us open on Saturdays, set hours, and scheduled one of the staff to come in and help. Some Saturdays we'd hardly see anyone (like I suspect today will be like). Some we'd be super busy and do more business than the preceding Friday. So I work Saturdays. That makes for a 6 day week not counting a Sunday here or there and when I bring work home. I'm fine with it, and even enjoy being here when it's quiet. But it's still working on the weekend. To make it more than another work day I started going to breakfast on Saturdays. Today was no different. I was reminded of a favorite after a brief exchange on twitter with @zztype, @scrivener, & @Melissa808. So there I was this AM, enjoying blueberry pancakes, bacon, & coffee at The Original Pancake House in Kalihi. And it was magnificent. That thick bacon is worth the small fortune it cost ($4.99 for 4 pieces). The pancakes are creamy and had plenty of fresh blueberries. A little butter and a dollop of syrup and they were good to go. That breakfast will take care of me long into the afternoon, which is good since I think I'll be in constant motion until then. Nice way to start my extended work weekend.


  1. we need to go to breakfast one day!

  2. Sounds about a...Saturday?