Thursday, February 4, 2010

The end of an era...

Former Honolulu Mayor Frank Fasi passed on last night at the ripe old age of 89. Mayor Fasi was running the show when I arrived in Honolulu in January 1986. I immediately took note of his "here I am, deal with it" style. He reminded me in some ways of the Daleys that ran my hometown of Chicago. Some feet may be occasionally stepped on, but things got done. I also liked how he used the media to leverage the city council and gain public support. For me, his biggest legacy is The Bus, a name that's straight and to the point, just like the mayor. I rode it many times and was always impressed on how many places bus service extended to, as well as how nice the buses were. Wanna compare? Ride Chicago's CTA one day. I think indestructible cast iron or concrete seats are not far off there.

Shaka stickers, sign waving, the bus...all Frank. Godspeed Mayor Fasi.

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