Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In praise of the beer fridge

For a family man it may be the last vestige of his bachelor days. For some it’s the only place they can keep their golden nectar. And for me, it’s a little slice of heaven where I go to get away if just for a few minutes. I love, I mean love craft beers. Small batches, strong flavors, high ABVs, dark, darker, darkest, love it all. But it’s a little outta place next to the eggs and milk in the kitchen fridge. And with three boys plus Daddy in the house, a small fridge in the garage for drinks was a natural step. I call it my beer fridge, but to be honest, the only place you find beer is the door. The rest of the fridge is filled with juice bags, soda, & bottled water. But the door…oh yeah…that’s my territory.


To quote a famous craft brewing company, I don’t care for fizzy yellow beer. The beers I like usually start at a darker yellow and go all the way to absolute black. Red & darker ales are always welcome. Pitch black porters & stouts are divine. Strong bouquets, multiple layers of flavors, and the ever complex game of identifying and naming all the flavors. It begins with the hunt for new beers. Always in search of something new, something with a different twist. Once in a while I find one that really satisfies and I put that on my “list”. The “list” is for the beers I fall back on when I don’t find anything new that peaks my curiosity. Kapuziner, Old Rasputin, Darkforce, and when I can get it Arrogant Bastard. All good, all interesting, when nothing else comes forward these are the go to beers for me. I don’t deal in volume when it comes to beer, and that’s a good thing since many of the beers I gravitate to are high ABV (alcohol by volume) beers. Two is my limit on anything stronger than you will find at Foodland. It’s not about getting bust up, it’s about taking some time to enjoy a “treat”. Slowing down, enjoying the sensations, being in the moment. With a busy life like mine, I need these breaks to keep me grounded. It’s not the alcohol, it’s the pattern break…speed limit zero.

So there is my refuge, the door of the beer fridge. More than just a drink, it’s a “mental health break” for a busy life.


  1. I would love, love, love, love to have a beer frige. Just not happening right now. :(

  2. If it's the cost/size. Mine is small and a hand me down. It's in the garage between the hanging bikes and the treadmill.

    If for health reasons, I can relate. Managing blood sugars and still enjoying the occasional beer is a tightrope walk...