Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Great Aloha Run (walk kinda fast)

This past Monday I joined over 24,000 people in covering the 8.1 or so miles from Aloha Tower to Aloha Stadium in an event known as The Great Aloha Run. I had done this event at least 7-8 other times, but this was the first time in 6 years, the last time being the year I got married (things got really busy after that). I’ve always liked this event for it’s casualness (I’ve never liked calling it a race since the only thing I’m racing to is the line for the donut table at the finish). Yes, there are definitely some hard core runners there hunting for age group results and PR’s. But they are far outnumbered by thousands of us just trying to get off our couch shaped butts, get some exercise, and get those finishers t-shirts (and the donuts). The weather was fantastic with cool temps and clear skies. Through all the times I’d done this event I never noticed that you are essentially in the shade until you come out from under the Nimitz viaduct. Yes there were fast people behind the slow people, and slow people in front of the fast people. There were slow people walking up to 5 a breast. There were strollers all over the place making sudden stops in packs of people. But…, if you’ve done GAR before you know this just comes with the territory. If you do GAR you can count on these things, as well as water from those Military tank trucks tasting like ass (sorry guys, sad but true). And of course a donut table at the finish.

I was accompanied by my Wife who was a champ and even surprised me with a frantic run at the start (arrrrgh, shin splints!). We finished with a time of 2:12, and if you believe my Nike+ do dad attached to my iPod, we covered 8.26 miles (I guess all that zig zagging adds up). We both had a great time and made a pact to look for more of these events to do (looking at Ford Island 10k next). So we finish, exit the stadium, get a bottle of water, a banana, a can of “POG Energy” (blech!), and a variation of a moon pie in a wrapper...say what?!?!?! Where are the Loves donuts? No donuts! A travesty!

Bummer…seriously, bummer…

I’ll return again next year in spite of that oversight.

But I’m gonna bring my own donuts next time.

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