Friday, February 19, 2010

In praise of Spaghettios

I'm Catholic. A practicing one. This past Wednesday was "Ash Wednesday", the beginning of the 40 day season on Lent. I won't get into the deeper meaning of the choices I'm making as a practicing Catholic, but I want to talk about one aspect of Lent...abstaining from meat on Fridays. For the life of me I never know what to eat on meatless Friday's. A seafood allergy narrows my choices dramatically. Being as crazy busy as I am keeps me from seeking out too many options. My default has been cheese pizza, satisfying...but way too many calories once you have enough to feel full. But thanks to a recent news item announcing the passing of the man who created it, I have reconnected with Spaghettios. High nutrition? Nah... Haute cuisine? Are you crazy? But it's cheap ($1.49 a can), filling and has no meat. I can't believe that I, a 47 year old man, had this for lunch today. But it did the trick, and I'm through another meatless Friday lunch (many more options for dinner at home). I have a couple more cans in the cabinet at work, so if I don't come up with anything better next week I'm covered (that's if the vegetarian at work doesn't snatch it first).

The Metromix/Grilled Cornbread brain trust was asking earlier this week...what are your guilty pleasures?'s one of mine.

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